The Fabulous three -Holly, Bobby and Quinn

When I was a little girl an elderly gentleman lived down the road from me and he had a dog called Jay jay. Jay jay was a sheltie and I was completely in love with him. I think from memory I even had a framed picture of him in my room.

Part of my fascination with Jay jay, aside from his sweet nature and good looks, was that he looked like a mini Lassie which was one of my favourite programmes on TV at the time ( of course Lassie was a collie but that makes no difference to a 5 year old child!)

So you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to photograph THREE shelties recently. And three who have amazing obedience and all sit together!!

Fluffy heaven! I may even have asked Holly ( the one who looks most like mini Lassie) if Timmy was trapped down a well - luckily for Timmy he wasn't because she looked pretty bored with the question!