Beach pups

So some of you may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet so far this September. That's because I have been topping up my vitamin D levels in the beautiful islands of Hawaii for a couple of weeks.

Whilst I was strictly there to explore and relax ( enforced by a husband's sigh and eye rolling every time I went near my camera) I couldn't help take a few images of these gorgeous four pups I met on the beach in Keawakapu Beach in Maui.

A big thank you to the dogs "pet parents" for letting me take a couple of images while they were hanging at the beach - I was getting dog withdrawal symptoms! xx

Cute puppy alert!

I get to photograph a lot of cute pups in my work and gorgeous cavoodle Murphy was no exception! He is a ball of energy but already so good at lots of the basic commands.

Having a photo shoot with your dog when they are a puppy is an awesome idea because they grow SO FAST and its such a gorgeous record of when you first adopted your pup into your family.

Purrrfect models

 A few weeks ago I got to hang out with these cool cats. I had come to photograph ginger cat Ralphy and was so excited to find he was part of a larger family of cats all with completely different personalities.

Handsome senior Latte found the perfect spot on the stone steps to strike a pose, Jessie watched from the safety of the roof while kittens Ruby and Blu put on their best kitten cuteness show.

Purrrrfection I say.

Celebrity pups!

I got the opportunity to photograph the famous Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle just before Christmas and it was a heap of fun working with pups who are dog models. They were even recognised by a couple of fans during the shoot with squeals of "Is that Digby and Alo???" Apparently it happens alot!

Gemma and Taylor

One of my last shoots of 2016 was the gorgeous Gemma and Taylor.

Gemma is an out going dog who loves sticks. LOVES sticks. She loves sticks on grass, sticks in the sea, big sticks, little sticks, talking about sticks - her enthusiasm is impressive!

Little sister Taylor loves finding pretty spots which compliment her gorgeous golden fur, letting the wind blow through her ears and is already an expert at melting your heart!

An afternoon walking with Kuri Companion

Last week I tagged along on a walk with James from Kuri Companion. James is amazing with the dogs - they have the best time zooming around the tracks but as soon as James signals they all come running to sit obediently awaiting instruction...... and they seem to love doing it.

Just like school children sitting up straight on the mat when the teacher is asking questions I swear these dogs are all trying to be the best behaved in the pack.

At the end of the walk I was covered in mud but had had a great time and you can see from the images just how happy the dogs were too.

The Fabulous three -Holly, Bobby and Quinn

When I was a little girl an elderly gentleman lived down the road from me and he had a dog called Jay jay. Jay jay was a sheltie and I was completely in love with him. I think from memory I even had a framed picture of him in my room.

Part of my fascination with Jay jay, aside from his sweet nature and good looks, was that he looked like a mini Lassie which was one of my favourite programmes on TV at the time ( of course Lassie was a collie but that makes no difference to a 5 year old child!)

So you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to photograph THREE shelties recently. And three who have amazing obedience and all sit together!!

Fluffy heaven! I may even have asked Holly ( the one who looks most like mini Lassie) if Timmy was trapped down a well - luckily for Timmy he wasn't because she looked pretty bored with the question!

An amazing story.

A few weeks ago I put out a call for a dog model for some personal shoots I wanted to do. I had no idea what I was looking for - I just had an urge to create!

The response I had was 100 times more than I expected and I was like a child in a candy store. 

The lovely Nicola and Kiel offered their dog Hugo as a model and as soon as I saw his handsome face I felt really drawn to him. I had actually photographed Hugo at an event previously and there was something about his "smile" that I really loved.

So I liaised with Nicola and we arranged a shoot at a dog friendly beach which just happened to be one of Hugo's favourite places.

He arrived all fluffy, with beautiful golden fur, but as soon as well let him off lead he made a bee line for the water where he was in his element. Us three humans were wrapped up in thick winter clothes but Hugo seemed impervious to the icy temperatures and returned to the sea again and again and again!

I adored his energy and sweet gentle nature and was super happy with the resulting images.

When I sent the gallery through to Nicola, she was delighted with the images and told me that they were more than just beautiful pictures to them.

You see Hugo has an amazing story.

It's a story of Hugo's determination and zest for life and also a tale of Nicola and Kiel's love and devotion for him.

Here is Hugo's story:

On May 8 2015, when Hugo was 19 months old, he had an FCE or stroke of the spine. This is a very rare occurrence and something that usually happens in older dogs of different breeds. My husband found Hugo unable to walk when he returned home after a few hours out at work. We brought Hugo to our vet who quickly transferred him to Massey Vet Hospital. We were told after initial tests that Hugo had either had a stroke or had cancer. Finally it was determined that he had a stroke and had a 50/50 chance of walking again. The doctors and nurses worked round the clock with Hugo, giving him physio every four hours and willing him to stand up. After five days he took his first steps - boy they were wobbly but he was upright! We took Hugo home after two weeks and that's when the hard work started. Hugo went to acupuncture and hydrotherapy sessions to get him walking solidly again. He was very unwell for a time and was depressed – hard to believe now! He is paralysed in a part of his spine that controls his tail so we are very thankful he is such a smiley dog and can show his happiness that way. It took physio twice a day, a new diet plan and exercise routine to get Hugo back to his former glory. He is such a happy dog now and we are so delighted with his progress. He walks up to an hour a day and enjoys playing with other dogs at doggy dogcare and can do everything he used to before the stroke which is amazing.