Recently a very lovely group of friends arranged a pet photoshoot for their friend whose cat Zoey had just been diagnosed with Osteoinvasive squamous cell carcinoma (cancer of the mouth that has invaded the bone)

They wanted her to have a beautiful image of Zoey as sadly she would not be with her much longer.

I loved photographing Zoey. She’s a whole heap of sass in a tiny package. She is sweet and smoochy but isn’t afraid to demand her share of treats and put her dog sister Kaisa firmly in her place.

I hope her remaining time with her family is filled with sunshine, cosy naps in warm beds, all the best treats and a thousand scratches just in the right spot xx


A couple of months a go I got to spend time with the gorgeous wee Nala at the beach. Nala won the Wellington Region “Pet Connect Next Top Model Shoot for Petlife Magazine” at the Omega Plus Big Dog Walk.

I saw the judging for the competition on the day and Nala nailed her tricks and won the judges hearts.

She was the perfect little model during our session too!

An afternoon at the beach

Recently I got to spend an afternoon at the beach with four special pups. Zoey the foxy, staffy x showed off her supreme stick chasing abilities while Jack Russell Williams demonstrated his model posing skills interspersed with zoomies on the sand.

Not to be shown up by the young’uns, Bella the foxy matriarch bounded around the sand - always flashing her foxy smile my way ( to check I had her best side) and Pipi ….. mostly did what Pipi wanted to do.

I love how each pup has their own personality but they all love a day at the beach x

Harvee the Handsome.

I loooooooove photographing puppies and I was so excited to be asked to photograph the gorgeous wee Harvee recently. He turned out to be the perfect model! His sit and stay was ah-maz-ing! Even his Mum was blown away and he was only about 4 months old at the time of the shoot.

If you are adopting a wee puppy or kitten into your family - those first few months are a fantastic time to have a photo shoot. They only stay that little for a really short period and it so lovely when they are seniors to be able to look back at them in their youth.

The Nelson Fires, February 2019.

This time last week I was in Nelson, at the Richmond Park Showgrounds, photographing the animal emergency centre managed by HUHA during the Nelson fires.

I have to admit, waiting at the airport for my flight I realized that I was starting to feel apprehensive.

The Nelson Pigeon Valley fire had already been burning for several days forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate with what they could load into their vehicles.

They needed to get themselves and their animals to safety. Unfortunately finding somewhere to stay if you have animals with you is not always the easiest.

As a fiercely protective cat mum, it fills me with absolute dread that I may have to hand my cats over to strangers in an emergency situation.

Sitting here writing this I feel slightly nauseous at the idea.

I was expecting to walk into the centre and be overwhelmed with feelings of stress, anxiety and fear.

I’m always being told that I am a sensitive person - I hate to see people upset. I especially get emotional when animals are in distress.

I began to worry that maybe I wasn’t the best person to be photographing the centre.

BUT - then I arrived at Richmond Park and it was like walking into a giant hug from your best friend.

People bringing animals in to be housed and cared for during the evacuation, were greeted with huge smiles and an amazing openness from the HUHA team and volunteers.

The centre was so well organised it was more like dropping your pet off to boarding kennels rather than a evacuation centre.

The dog section had a sleeping area for the night, and during the day, several large enclosed play areas had been set up for the dogs - fully stocked with toys, paddling pools and shade sails.

There were even dog walkers!

The team were constantly upgrading and evolving the centre - if there was an opportunity to make things less stressful or more comfortable for the animals then it was done.

People were encouraged to come and visit their animals during the stay with some pet parents taking their dogs out for walks to the beach, rabbit and cat owners coming in to have a cuddle and even a wonderful gentleman came in to milk his small herd of goats.

There was just this amazing feeling of community and kindness.

There was a wonderful team of volunteers that showed up each day to help with everything from cleaning out cages and building enclosures to checking every animal had shade and water.

When the cry went out for help in the centre it was all hands on deck. Even I put down my camera several times and mucked in.

There was also a huge response from the residents of Nelson with a steady stream of people arriving with trailers full of hay, willow branches, petfood, bedding and loads of baking for the humans.

And it was brilliant to see so many different organisations working together - HUHA, SPCA National Rescue Unit, MPI and Animal Evac NZ - all deserve a standing ovation.

To Carolyn and her HUHA team - you created a special haven for people and their animals during an event that would have been stressful and traumatizing for so many. Your knowledge in animal care and management, your patience, ingenuity and empathy truly shone through.

And you all give awesome hugs x.


Just before Christmas I got to spend some time with the beautiful Loki and his family.

One of the things I really love about my pet portrait sittings is getting a window into people’s relationships with their companion animal - and this wee pupper is LOOOOOOVED.

Makes my heart sing.