A little comfort.

Having a companion animal as part of your family is rewarding for both you and your pet. I have lived with cats all my life and the few times I was without a feline companion I felt a little empty – something was missing.

As much joy as pets bring into our lives, it is heart wrenching when they leave this world. They are with us through the good times and the bad, they are the comforting purr when you are ill or the excited wag of a tail when you return home.

I can only speak from personal experience but when I lost my beautiful cat, the most important thing to me, was that I remembered her.

I have photographed many, many pets over the last 8 years and it always breaks my heart to hear that one has passed away. One thing I do love is the comfort people have found in the images I have captured of their pet. I have created something to help them remember.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the wonderful Liz to photograph her dog Sid.

Liz explains “Sid has a significant heart murmur and has been losing muscle mass for about a year now - the medications that he has to take contribute to this; his fur is thinning on his belly and legs, and he stumbles a bit sometimes as he becomes aged and unsteady. But he's such a happy old fellow, that tail never stops wagging, and while he's content and not in pain, life is good”

We took Sid to the beach on a beautiful Kapiti Coast day to capture his smile and his devotion to Liz.