Bowties and tails.

I love photographing weddings. I love photographing animals. Imagine how excited I get when I get to do both on one day!

I have had dogs walk down the isle as ring bearer, dogs as groomsmen and dogs on the bridal shoot. It is a beautiful thing to see people include their furry family members in their day.

Its slightly harder when you have cats.

I have managed on occasion to sneak a few images of kitty when the bride or groom gets ready in their home, but more often than not, the noise and bustle of getting ready has most cats retreating to a quieter place.  A place where they are not subjected to the whirr of hairdryers and peals of laughter from excited people.

Weddings are noisy, busy, exciting events - something to consider when you are including your dog in your wedding day.

Some dogs LOVE being around lots of people ( oooooh look at all those people who are going to give me a pat!!) and other dogs get nervous in a new environment with lots of new people.

You need someone in control of your dog at all times,  someone your dog knows and trusts. This person needs to be able to whip your canine away to a quite spot if they start looking anxious, they need to be on fresh water and shade duty, always have a plastic bag handy and they need to be able to control guests interaction with your dog as well.

Not everyone loves dogs..... surprising I know! Be aware that some guests may be frightened by dogs and small children always need to be supervised when approaching dogs.

Other ways to include your dog in your wedding is to have your pooch be part of your bridal shoot.  Again your dog's safety is paramount and so having someone there to look after them is important. 

Remember they will be really excited to see you but most pooches don't have an appreciation of how much your dress cost or that dirty paw prints don't enhance the white of your gown.

However that bow tie sure looks awesome on them!